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this is the  greatest thing ever 

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If you won’t sing in the car with me when we drive, we can’t be friends

a couple years ago me and my brother were leaving spokane (3 hours away) and i was tired so i wouldnt sing with him and he pulled over ON THE INTERSTATE AND TOLD ME TO GET OUT OF HIS CAR OR HE WOULD CALL MOM so i got out and he still called mom haha it was funny, at the time we were 18 and 14, so nothing has changed and we’re 21 and 17..  

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Okay, guys. I have an extra Ed Sheeran ticket. To see him at WaMu Theater in Seattle, Washington tomorrow night at 7 (August 21st, 2014). If ANYBODY wants it, and is willing to pay atleast $40 dollars for it because I paid $56 for it, you can have it. I can literally find nobody to go with me and this is just getting ridiculous. Honestly. Its Ed Sheeran. What is wrong with people >.<

OMG i would so buy it have school tomorrow and no way to get over the pass



So I just wrote this for my Math teacher and I felt it was appropriate. Someone’s got to speak out for us right?

Just an hour after I posted this a police officer took me to the office and they talked to me about this because my teacher turned it in. So I got in trouble but I refused to take the post down because this is so important to me. We don’t have many people speaking out against mental illnesses and we have to start somewhere.

good for you! im glad someone has the guts to stand up to teachers. its just fucked up cuz teachers know theres a problem but they dont want to face the truth 

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